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Hello aspirants 🙂 For past two days you would have noticed a new Let’s talk tab near the right bottom corner. Its’s nothing but a chat corner where you can meet highly qualified mentors from our team. You can ask any questions related to preparation through the small window. We will be answering your questions.

When our field research team did their work at the grass root level, it became evident that a proper mentoring is what holding back several talented people from getting into service. So we decided to provide you all a good support team for clarifying the doubts of fellow aspirants.

How can you reach us?

  1. you can use the tab (Let’s Talk Tab) at right bottom corner of every page to get a live mentoring from our dedicated team.
  2. In case you find us offline you can leave a message through the let’s talk tab.

What can you expect from the new initiative?

1. You can ask your doubt regarding preparation like which you need to focus upon?, How important are mock tests for prelims? Etc

2. If you are tensed, stressed or demotivated our team can help you in this too.

3. If you want some details of the sitemap or where you can find what question. You can ask in here.

4. OK just ask anything related to preparation, we are here to help you.

How much will be the costs for each session?

The only answer will be it’s free.. 🙂

Is it a 24*7 service?

Of course not. It’s not because we don’t want to be but we also need to sleep :). But you can leave a message if you find us offline. We will contact you back through specified mail id.

We think these questions may solve your doubts. Cheer up guys and in case you need us find us from the bottom of the screen you are looking to 🙂