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Topic : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

The right policy mix for conversation efforts

Topic : Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc.

The conundrum of PPP road projects–The-conundrum-of-PPP-road-projects.html

Topic : Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth.

Corporate governance in start-ups–Corporate-governance-in-startups.html

Topic : Human Values – lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators; role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values.

The gold standard for a Prime Minister

Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources, issues relating to poverty and hunger.

Setting a proper diet plan

Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

A question of writ