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Aspirants preparing for the Civil Services Examination know that the real challenge lies in Mains Exam. Out of the total 2025 Marks in CSE, 1750 Marks are rewarded for Mains alone. The more the margin in which an aspirant clears the Mains, more is the chance for him/her to get into the top of the final rank list. No doubt, Mains is the crucial piece which everyone needs to master to come out with flying colours.

Decoding the myth around Mains!!

We commonly find that many aspirants fail to clear Mains stage even in multiple attempts while some always clear with consistency. There are certain common mistakes done by the former category. We always try to accumulate maximum knowledge and content. In that process, We undermine the importance of revising the notes. Also most, unfortunately, We neglect the significance of Answer Writing. In the examination hall, such a strategy will backfire as We neither recollect the acquired content nor know how to structure the answer within the word limit.

Similarly, we find many failing to clear the Mains stage even after doing answer writing programmes. These are common scenario because the focus is on writing more and more answers but without any focus on improvement in answers. This is where Civils360’s MAINSURE-2019 programme stays ahead on its own.


Mainsure-2019 is a four-month course entirely dedicated to improving aspirants’ quality of the answers along with covering the whole syllabus of the exam. The uniqueness of MAINSURE-2019 lies in:

  1. INCREMENTAL TEST DESIGN: The number of questions will increase after each set of tests. That is, the first four tests will be of 1 Hour tests with 5 questions. Here you will get the time to think and answer. Progressively, the number of questions will increase to 20 questions for 3 hours helping you to adapt to the exam environment.
  1. INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK: Strengths and weaknesses of aspirants will be clearly identified through individual feedback session. Experienced mentors will act as a guide throughout your preparation.
  1. NEWS ANALYSIS:Coverage of newspapers is crucial for tackling UPSC Mains questions.Aspirants will be grouped into different mentorship groups. Current affairs topics will be discussed under the guidance of expert mentors. This can effectively reduce the workload of aspirants and at the same time comprehensively cover the current affairs topics.

DETAILED EVALUATION:A high scoring answer requires adequate content, effective presentation. Mentors will evaluate your answers on these fronts and help aspirants to frame a well-structured answer. Detailed evaluation will let you improve your weak areas and thus help you cope up with the Mains Exam.