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This is the Second Free Full Tests by Civils360. 

Free Full Test for Prelims 2018 by Civils360

  1. The timer starts as soon as you click on ‘Take Test’ button. You can resume the test but you have to complete the test within specified time. No extra time is allowed.
  2. If a candidate has closed the test window or is facing any other issue such as loss of internet connection, she is allowed to resume the test within test duration starting from the time when she first started taking the test. For ex., a candidate starts her test at 11:00 AM and test duration is 2 hours. The Test will end at 1:00 PM. Suppose she has stopped the test at 11:45 AM for some reasons. She resumes the test at 12:10 PM. She has only 50 mins time remaining.
  3. Each question has four options. You can select only one.
  4. Once you click on the ‘submit’ button, a pop-up box will appear. If you click on ‘ok’ button on the box, no changes can be done after it.
  5. You can give test anytime after the exam schedule.


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