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Economic Survey for Prelims 2018

Hello All,

We believe that your preparation is going on in a full swing. PUMP THE GAS and GET TO THE ROAD. THE RACE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. We are here to help you with tailor-made Economic Survey for Prelims 2018

In our online mentorship sessions,  (Join us in Mentorship Now) we are getting a lot number of requests to create a summary of economic survey dedicated to the Prelims. So our mentors began to develop a holistic Prelims oriented Economic Survey and we are coming to you with it.

What so special about this Economic Survey for Prelims 2018?

Nothing Special. But this economic survey for Prelims 2018 is focussing upon the concepts and ideas a student should know while appearing the prelims tests. We have given keen attention to identifying quality links to important articles you may need. Don’t get afraid when chapter 1 is minimised to a single page. We mixed that chapter with other relevant topics to make your preparation little easier.

How to use this Economic Survey for Prelims 2018?

First please download the Economic Survey for Prelims 2018 from the link given below. Then identify the concepts provided (Don’t miss the concepts provided. Its important for your Prelims) and use links and descriptions provided to clear the concepts. And try to practice it in the Economic Tests provided by Civils360. (GET IT NOW).

You can also contact us back for the clarification through our online mentorship sessions. Its 24*7 and free of cost


Download the Economic Survey for Prelims 2018