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Brush Your Brains Series for Prelims 2018

Hello Folks,

The clock is ticking. (tick tick tick.) and we are moving closer to the dreaded PRELIMS 2018. 🙂

When your aspiring friends say this, what are you feeling? Is that a rush from within or you are eager for the Prelims?

Don’t worry bro, You got this and we can help you to make it into a cakewalk (only for those who prepared and began the revision.) We have already launched our flagship Intense Revision Plan for Prelims 2018.  Take look at the plan and buckle up your revision mode.

Now we are planning to bring a whole new revision and recollection for Prelims 2018. TING TING TI TING Civils360 Presents BRUSH YOUR BRAINS SERIES for Prelims 2018.

Ok, Let’s Move into the details.

What is this program all about?

First of all, we are not adding to the stack of study materials on your study table. Through this program, we are trying to understand some of the very important topics both static and current related topics.

How will It Work?

We will try to identify the most important topics for Prelims and provide some essential knowledge about it. We will find the very important topics and you can try our Intense Revision Plan to work out questions on that.  It will be on a daily basis. ANd we will definitely include static and basic topics

Cost of the Program will be Rs 0000. 🙂 Anyone can access it and Please do spread the word.

P.S: The program will not have definite timing and it may go online anytime. So make sure you have subscribed to our Site or Telegram Channel or have downloaded Civils360 App

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