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Mains Mini-Test for UPSC Mains 2018 Test 11

  1. While the country is focussing on strengthening the financial system along with improving the formalisation of the economy and financial inclusion, How the proposed FRDI Bill could affect the multiple objectives of Indian economy?
  2. “Women’s role in the society and economy should change to improve the performance of the society.” How far the SHGs and related programmes helped in bringing the women to the mainstream of Indian society and economy?
  3. After 10 years of initiating a demand-driven employment guarantee program (MGNREGA), India is yet to attain its full success. Analyse how the MGNREGA Scheme performed in various aspects of the society as well as the economy?
  4. Indian agriculture is affected by the overuse of fertilizer and over irrigation in one hand and in other the under mechanisation. In this light analyse how the recommendation of National Commission for Farmers(2007) could bring benefits to bring up the doubling farmers income in the country?
  5. India is pursuing technology-driven social welfare projects. How far could the technology act as a panacea for the need of the society?

IAP students please send your answers to telegram id. We will provide the personal feedbacks soon. Others please post your answers in the comment section.