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Mains Mini Tests for UPSC

  1. “The culture of India began to shape from the period of Indus valley. It acquired the characters and features of various civilisation to polish its own.” In this light comment on the development of Indian culture.
  2. Compare and contrast between Mauryan Architecture and Achaemenid architecture. Also, comment on Mauryan contribution to the Indian Architecture.
  3. “Development of Bhakti contributed to the dance and music forms of the country along with the religious reforms” Comment.
  4. “Growth and decay of Buddhism and Jainism in coincided with the strong empires of ancient India.” Analyse, how the patronage by various kingdoms helped in the development of Buddhism and Jainism.
  5. “Indian philosophical schools didn’t remain in the limits of religions.” In this light explain the features of various schools of philosophy in India.

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