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Mains Mini Tests – Test 9


  1. What is an e-cigarette? How does it work? Is the current regulatory regime of the e-cigarette is effective enough to prevent its exploitation? What are the issues involved? Explain.
  2. “Threats to the nation come from the sky and beyond” Explain in detail about India’s Missile defence system. Also, analyse whether the system is capable of protecting its skies.
  3. “There is an abundance of creative and innovative energies flowing in India.” How could the new IPR policy help in energizing the innovations in the country? Also, analyse whether the new policy is capable of standing the tests of WTO and the developed countries?
  4. “In a country with a large population under poverty, the spending in technological development rather seems futile” In this line critically analyse whether India needs to focus on its scientific developments.
  5. What is a neutrino? If the spending on fundamental research could bring us enough benefit as in the case of new technological advancement? Critically Comment.

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