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Finish in 100 Revise in 50 Plan for Prelims 2018

Hello Guys,

We are just 150 days away from the prelims 2018. And this is the time to pump some gas into our engine and accelerate the process itself. So, guys, we are here with a restructured steeplechase(ie. Finish in 100 revise in 50 plan) to boost up your prelims 2018 plan. This programme is aimed to supplement the preparation of students with answer identifying capability and UPSC Modelled MCQs for practice.

Other Programmes already initiated by Civils 360 includes:

  1. Steeplechase to prelims(F100R50 programme is a revised version of steeplechase to prelims)
  2. Prelims Test Series which began on November 15th
  3. Integrated Action Plan for Prelims and Mains (Guidance and evaluation programme for CSE 2018)

What is this programme?

This is a free plan and will comprise of a syllabus, schedule and a daily quiz segment. This programme aims to deal with the rising demand for knowledge in cracking the Prelims every year. So Civils360 have planned to cover the current affairs along with the topics scheduled under the Prelims Test Series and Integrated Action Plan on a daily basis.

The main aim of the programme is to make an aspirant engaged with the preparation without any deviation. We will also analyse the pattern of answering for our paid test series students for a better strategy adoption.

Modus Operandi?

A schedule for the next two months is given below this post. For the first two months, we will cover the current affairs of past 12 months. Along with this, every student must complete the basics and fundas for prelims as per the schedule of the Prelims Test Series 2018. After thoroughly finishing the current affairs topics we will move to the next stage where we identify the important topics for prelims 2018 and will cover each portion on a daily basis.

By April second week we will be completing the entire topics for prelims (If you follow this initiative religiously 🙂 )

After this, we will be moving to a detailed revision plan where we will check our exam readiness. (To avoid the last minute analysis, do join our Prelims test Series 2018 for a continuous evaluation.)

We will also provide some essential notes for the learning.

What should an aspirant do to participate in this programme?

  1. Study regularly. Because time does not wait for you. It’s a 150-day challenge. Break it and you can.
  2. We will post the questions on a  daily basis before noon. Try to answer the questions and initiate a robust discussion. Answers could be posted in the comment section.(NB: Please don’t stay back on the site for commenting on every reply, it will make you run out of time. Post your answers and check back on 10 PM for answers. And do check the comments for further insights)
  3. We will post the detailed answer key in a downloadable format before 10 PM and you could refer it to get a deep knowledge.
  4. one request from us is please do learn. Do not develop a hobby of collecting the PDFs and keeping it aside for making a revision at the last moment. Because it will never happen.
  5. NB: Please don’t fall in a loop of prelims to prelims. We are here to crack it.

Is steeplechase is gone?

Ha Ha not at all, Steeplechase is to bring you in the path of preparation. Now the time has become ripe enough to get some intensive action. Steeplechase will come back after the prelims 2018 to help the next batch of students.

Request from our Mentors:

  1. Don’t skim through the question and wait for the answer key you will not get what we believe in.
  2. Do try to attempt each question. At least try each question on a rough paper and compare it with the answer key and find your mistakes if any.
  3. If you try to identify the pattern of your mistakes in prelims, we promise you that, you could score enough to clear the prelims 2018.
  4. If you have any queries or doubts or fear, please contact us. We can help you. A paid member can reach us through telegram(personally) or through the chat option in site. And a free member can reach us through chat option. (Don’t worry there is no discrimination in chat option. We will answer every one. Telegram option is to evaluate the answers of students in paid Integrated Action Plan.)
  5. Don’t wait to start the revision and prelims specific current affairs learning. Please start it today itself.
  6. Finish in 100 Revise in 500 aims to motivate you and keep you in the race. Do make use of it. (we are not insisting on that, participate only if you find it good and suits your needs. Or try other programmes or make your own study plan.)

So we are starting the finish in 100 revise in 50 plan and you are going to study. The first test will be uploaded by the evening.

Download the Schedule of the Programme

Read the details of Integrated Action Plan for Prelims Cum Mains Here:

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