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Mains Mini Test for UPSC


  1. Land reforms is an unfinished agenda in India. Critically Comment.
  2. “The end of the licence raj and the opening up of the economy to private and foreign capital has been a success story. But there are also several areas where our hopes have been belied.” Evaluate
  3. “India’s new industrial policy must focus on improving overall competitiveness and avoid the lure of protectionism” In the light of the statement critically evaluate the need of a strong industrial policy to develop a robust manufacturing environment in the country.

  4. “The public-private partnership is an inevitable model in developing the basic infrastructure in India, but it is less communitarian in approach.” In the light of this statement critically evaluate the need of PPP in improving the economic growth of the country.

  5. “Stressed infrastructure projects could squeeze the economic development as well as the banking framework in the country.” In the light of the above statement evaluate the recent initiatives by the government to improve the infrastructure needs of the country.

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