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IAP Mains Mini-Test- 6

  1. “With 80% of the labour force stuck in informal employment, it is not surprising that the Indian economy is performing far below its true potential” In the light of this statement explain how an informal economy in India is blocking an inclusive growth. Also, Analyse that how far the government programmes have succeeded in improving inclusiveness.
  2. “Parliamentary scrutiny of public finance is an important aspect of governmental accountability.” In this light evaluate how a Parliamentary Budget office can enhance the financial accountability in country/
  3. Considering the recommendation made by N.K Singh committee on FRBM Act, Evaluate the benefits of a range of target instead of a fixed one in fiscal responsibility.
  4. Right Based approach delivers more inclusive and effective welfare scheme than the universal programmes. Critically Evaluate.
  5. “Accessibility to the formal financial system is a prerequisite ensuring inclusive growth” In the light of the above statement analyse how far the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana yielded its intended results?

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