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Daily Current Events by Civils360 November 28, 2017


Floods: Read Here

  • The nature of rivers in the Northern plains and Assam valley are such that there is no way one can flood-proof whole of place so one has to keep it mind that floods will happen.

  • The massive earthquake on 1950 caused the riverbed of the Brahmaputra river to rise. It increased the amount of silt carried by the river and its tributaries. The stable course of the river became a constantly shifting one eroding the banks.

  • The riverbed area of the Brahmaputra has increased by more than 50 per cent through erosion since the quake. According to a report on climate change published by the government of Assam in September 2015, erosion has destroyed more than 3,800 square kilometers of farmland, which is nearly half the size of Sikkim, since 1954.


Naga Issue: Read Here

  • Naga interlocutor told a parliamentary panel that no deadline can be fixed for the Naga peace agreement and talks are on with at least five or six Naga groups other than the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah).
  • The Naga interlocutor signed a “framework agreement” on behalf of the Union government with the NSCN (Isak-Muivah) group to end the decades-old Naga insurgency.
  • The government of India want to take all the Naga groups on board.Therefore it is a time-consuming process. The NSCN-IM has been fighting for ‘Greater Nagaland’ or Nagalim — it wants to extend Nagaland’s borders by including Naga-dominated areas in neighbouring Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, to unite 1.2 million Nagas.

Judiciary and Legislature: Read Here

  • Supreme Court bench disposes of a PIL plea to direct the Centre to bring out a standalone law against torture.It would not compel the legislature to ratify the UN Convention against Torture, or command it to frame a standalone anti-torture legislation.

  • Earlier, the Union Ministers said public interest litigation petitions could not replace governance and policy decisions of the executive.

  • SC told that judiciary will be crossing limits if they issue a mandamus to the government and they have to respect the political compulsions of the government.


Entrepreneurship: Read Here

  • Delegates have started arriving for the three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit.Theme of summit is Women First, Prosperity for All. This is the first time that women will be the majority of participants at GES.
  • The eighth annual GES is being hosted by the NITI Aayog in partnership with the US government. This is the first time GES is being hosted in South Asia and the event will highlight India’s enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  •  In the meeting , the government will focus on its steps  to increase the ease of doing business, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and supporting start-ups.The summit will primarily focus on Energy and Infrastructure, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Technology & Digital Economy, and Media & Entertainment sectors.

Net Neutrality: Read Here

  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will issue its recommendations on net neutrality today. Net neutrality requires telecom service providers to treat all internet traffic equally, without regard for the type, origin, or destination of the content or the means of its transmission.
  • The recommendations come at a time when the US plans to repeal its existing rules on net neutrality, which will essentially allow telecom companies in the US to restrict broadband speeds and favour their own services if they want.
  • The recommendations are expected to include the definition of what constitutes reasonable traffic management practices by ISPs. A likely negative list of non-reasonable traffic management practices could also emerge.