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Daily Current Events by Civils360 November 26, 2017


River water dispute: Read Here

  • The Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) and Telangana government have ordered separate inquiries to probe the curious case of vanished Krishna river water, that Andhra Pradesh claims to have released from its Srisailam dam for Telangana’s Nagarjuna Sagar dam.
  • Telangana officials accuse Andhra of inflating figures of water released to Nagarjuna Sagar while actually diverting it to its Pothyreddypadu project, which supplies irrigation water to the parched Rayalaseema region.


Organs of government: Read Here

  • P.M. of India emphasised on the occasion of National Law Day that every organ of the state should remain within its space and do its duty under the Constitution.
  • Earlier, Union Law Minister said that Supreme Court verdict against the National Judicial Appointments Commission had showed the judiciary’s distrust in the ability of the Prime Minister and Law Minister to appoint a fair judge.
  • Equality for all and sensitivity towards all was the characteristic of the Constitution.It guaranteed fundamental rights to all, let they be the underprivileged or oppressed, the backward or deprived, a tribal person or a woman.


Cybercash: Read Here

  •  Black money owned by criminal syndicates, drug traffickers, or tax-evaders, could now be turning digital into crypto currency. This can be the dawn of a new national security threat.
  • The surge is so powerful that the Niti Ayog has been been asked to study the possibility of following countries like Russia to issue its own, government-backed and regulated cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin trade is currently in a legal grey zone, with no clear regulations governing it. The most serious event was a ransomware attack on AP Moller-Maersk.


WTO: Read Here

  • India’s position in WTO is not to discuss about new issues until Doha Development Agenda and its terms are negotiated. In the Marrakesh mini-ministerial, India reaffirmed the stance.
  • Therefore, new issues like investment protection and e-commerce will not be encouraged to discussed.These issues are of particular interest to the developed countries rather than developing countries.
  • With regard to the trade deficit with China, Commerce Ministry has appointed a task force to expedite the issues and promote bilateral talks with China to gain more market access.

Digital India: Read Here

  • Detailled scrutiny of complaints received by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) show that people across the country are struggling to make online transactions due to the lack of a mobile signal or because they receive their OTP messages three or four hours after they initiate a transaction.
  • While the total data payload in the country’s network grew over 60% last year, India ranked 89 among 100 countries in terms of average mobile internet connection speeds.
  • As the government’s ‘Digital India’ and ‘Cashless India’ agenda marches on, it is important that quality of service issues are addressed.