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Daily Current Events by Civils360 November 25, 2017


Artificial Glacier: Read Here

  • To tackle the challenge of climate change, people in Ladakh are building artificial glacier. The water of nearby streams is diverted to the shaded area of a hill through appropriately designed distribution channels.
  • The melting of artificial glaciers is comparatively slower than natural glaciers.The process of melting at different times continues to assure irrigation water to the agricultural fields below. People now feel confident about food and financial security.
  • Because of this, mass tourism has kicked in Ladakh area. The advent of mass tourism has meant many things: food and dress habits have changed; increase in transportation means more pollution, ecologically beneficial mud houses have made way for cemented ones; locals have moved away from agriculture to tourism.


Rohingya Crisis: Read Here

  • Aid agencies, rights groups, and experts raised doubts about the implementation of the agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar that agreed to repatriate Rohingya refugees back to Rakhine state.
  • It is because there is no time limit by which the repatriation will be completed.UN and the international community have been completely sidelined and the talk of return is premature while the flow of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh continues.
  • Responding to the situation,  UNCHR issued a statement on Friday, saying the repatriation should be in line with international standards and voluntary.

Centre-State relations: Read Here

  • Union Home Minister will chair a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Inter-State Council (ISC) on Saturday to discuss the recommendations made by the Puncchi Commission on Centre-State relations.
  • The Puncchi commission had said that ‘National Security’ as a subject was not specifically listed in any of the three Lists, i.e. the Union, the State or the Concurrent List.
  • The Commission also said that in case of communal riots, which has a potential of causing widespread violence within a territory, the use of Article 355 may be in order. Provisions have to be made clear so that Centre can depute Paramilitary Forces in exceptional circumstances even if a request from the State Government is not received.


Credit  Rating: Read Here

  • Standard & Poor’s (S&P) retained its BBB- rating for India’s sovereign with a ‘stable’ outlook.S&P cited India’s low per capita income, the sizeable fiscal deficit and high general government debt as factors that continue to weigh down the country’s credit profile and reiterated its stable outlook.
  • Even though measures like demonetization and the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax denting growth for two quarters, S&P expects India’s economy to grow robustly over the two-year period from 2018-20 with foreign exchange reserves rising further.
  • Also, bank capitalization program and the planned ramp-up in public-sector-led infrastructure investments, as well as persistent fiscal deficits at the State level, would have a bearing on India’s large general government debt and overall weak public finances.

Digital Connectivity: Read Here

  • Government is working to ensure free, safe internet access to all.Union Minister said that important pillars of cyberspace include digital inclusion, digital access, and digital security.
  • The government is also committed to a multi-stakeholder approach of intellect governance that is transparent and accountable to stakeholders, including governments, academia, civil society and industry.
  • NSA of India has said that security organisations of the world should have specific cybersecurity structures which are able to exchange information quickly, identify defaulters and proceed against them.