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IAP Mains Mini Test Series for UPSC

  1. “Indian constitution though adopted ideas from various sources, it remoulded these ideas in Indian societal and political settings.” Comment.
  2. In the light of recent Puttaswamy case, Critically evaluate the scope of recent Aadhar Act and right to Privacy in country
  3. “The basic structure doctrine does not limit the parliament absolutely, rather it helps to proactively recourse the parliament’s power to amend the constitution for socio-economic and political democracy within the country.” Analyse
  4. “Even though the India was successful in reducing its absolute poverty, the multidimensional poverty in the country remains a critical menace.” In the light of the statement critically evaluate the efficacy of various poverty eradication programmes in India.
  5. “Indian interventionism in the internal and external affairs of its neighbourhood acted blockage for the South Asian integration” Critically Comment

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