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Hello once again,

We have started the mains writing session with official evaluation on Monday. Since there were a huge number of request for a detailed syllabus and timetable, we made this post.

First of all this mini mains test series is a part of larger Integrated Action Plan for Prelims and Mains 2018. It Includes Online Mentorship, Mains writing sessions, Steeplechase to prelims and a low-cost prelims test series. This Mini Mains Test series aims to develop answer writing skills of the aspirants with proper evaluation.

Details of free mains test series.

  1. This test series will comprise of weekly tests with analysis.
  2. The syllabus will be updated on the starting of every month (November Month’s syllabus is updated below the post.)
  3. You will be given three days to write answers and post it.
  4. Answers could be uploaded in the comment section. (Mailing us will not be appreciated from next test as the technical issue is solved now.) Also, a dedicated portal to conduct the test series is on the line. If we become break even through the prelims test series, we will bring it soon for the aspirants. Of course, it will be free then also.
  5. Detailed answer key will be upload along with the next test.
  6. For App users, there will be a separate link under the post to comment your answers.
  7. We will try to finish the topics for mains by end of January.

FAQ: How to upload the answers?

  1. There is a Disqus comment system under every post. Answers should be posted through this.
  2. You need an account on Disqus to write the answers.
  3. After logging in, you could either type your answers or upload photos of your answers through the Disqus.
  4. We will evaluate the answers as soon as possible. It will be available under your comment.

Hope you all will participate in the mini mains test series. Your participation and interest join the prelims test series will reward us.

Download Schedule for November

Thank You.

Team Civils360


Check out our Prelims Test Series Schedule and Details from Here 

If you can afford it join the test series. It will support us too.