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Must Read Articles for UPSC Nov 7, 2017



  1. Unsettling the status quo in Jammu and Kashmir
    Not talking to the separatists would render the J&K interlocutor’s dialogue process meaningless
  2. Decoding India’s policy choices in Afghanistan
  3. Eliminating the mafia from Indian politics

Fast-track courts will do little to break the symbiotic relationship between politicians and criminals


  1. Paradise challenge 
    Message for corporates, government: Secrecy has a cost, tax laws need to be simpler.
  2. Climate meet begins: India pushes developed countries to deliver
    Fiji, the host and president of the conference, agreed to consider the suggestion by India and other countries and appointed a facilitator to hold consultations and report back by the end of this week.
  3. Ignorance and apathy behind the NPA problem