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Integrated Action Plan Prelims Test Series 2018- Civils360

Hello Aspirants,

We are happy to announce our prelims test series under the umbrella Integrated Action Plan for Prelims and Mains. (IAP 2018)  This new initiative is to help the aspirants with a low cost best quality prelims test series for 2018 civil service exam.

As we all know, the UPSC is becoming more and more unpredictable year by year. But we are happy to announce that our free prelims test series of last year, steeplechase and intense revision plan of 2017 have helped students in gaining more conceptual knowledge than factual knowledge and more problem-solving skills.

Check out our last year’s Steeplechase to Prelims and Intense revision Plan Archives

What is this Programme About?

  1. IAP 2018 and the prelims test series is a comprehensive package for prelims and mains of civil service exam 2018. This will support your preparation with problem-solving skills for prelims as well as Answer writing for Mains.
  2. The mains answer writing sessions will be free for all and prelims test series will be a low cost which could help us in meeting the cost of operations.
  3. Prelims Test series will comprise of 25 high-quality GS Test and 3 CSAT (Paper II) Test running through a period of six months.
  4. There will be some free mocks for people who can’t afford any test series. (Open to all and it will be separate from this 25 test module.)
  5. Mains Test Series under IAP 2018 will be free and open to all. It will be a per week test module to help aspirants in improving the answer writing skills. There will be an official evaluation for every student.

Cost of the Prelims Test Series. 3500/- for the entire package

  1. The prelims Test Series Under IAP 2018 is designed in such a way that the cost of the student is minimum. it will cost you only Rs 125/- per test.
  2. Also, we have already announced a prebooking offer last month. People who have registered in the prebooking offer will get a discount of more than 15% or Rs 500.  The mail with the discount code is already being sent to those people.

Benefits of Prelims Test Series 2018 of Civils360.

  1. It will cover all the topic for prelims 2018 in a more conceptual level while focussing on problem-solving skills of a student.
  2. There will be detailed answer key along with the approach a student should take while answering the question.
  3. Approach to the question includes how to solve the answer through the elimination method. (It will be helpful when you have a partial knowledge of the topic)
  4.  As the test is designed for six months, you will be always in touch with the needs of UPSC.
  5. The dedicated test platform will have data analytics to help aspirants to identify their weak and strong points.

You know the quality of our Steeplechase to Prelims and Intense Revision Plan, and we are confident that our test series will help you in cracking the civil service prelims of 2018.

Also, there will be mentorship for all through the site

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Download the Schedule from here