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Integrated Action Plan IAP 2018 Mains Answer Writing


  1. “Urban floods in India is a result of both climate change and unplanned urban governance” Comment.


  1. “Unelected Governor’s were never envisaged as wielding significant powers relating to state administration.” In this light critically comment on the role played by the office of Governor in centre-state relations in India.
  2. “Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) was a part of our larger vision for the world, but today it is seen as inconsequential to our present preoccupations.” In the light of the statement analyse the relevance of NAM in today’s international relations.


  1. Enumerate the various threats to India’s Internal Security. Analyse how far an internal security doctrine could resolve the issues?
  2. What do you mean by the Internet of Things (IoT)? What role could IoT play in developing smart cities in India?


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