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Hello Friends, This is Team Civils360. Hope you all done a wonderful job in Prelims 2017.  And now leave all the worries and we can start to sharpen our tools for UPSC mains 2017.

We are here to launch the Rapid Action Plan for Mains which will be a dedicated answer writing session for both GS and selected Optional Subjects and analysis of important issues for UPSC Mains 2017. We are planning to provide you quality questions and answers (Will try to give the answers. Truths are hard to digest isn’t:-().


General Studies Schedule for July

1. How The Rapid Action Plan for Mains ( RAP Mains) works?

RAP Mains will contain two parts

1. An Answer Writing Programme and

2. An analysis session for issues that must be focussed upon.

P.S Answer writing session will contain all the four General Studies subjects and Selected optional subjects.

2. How will the answer writing session work?

Peer evaluation will be the main pillar of Answer Writing sessions. We as a Team will be selecting the best answer from each day and will be showcased as Featured Answer. Also, we will try to incorporate and compile the possible points for the better understanding of aspirants for each question.

3. What about optionals?

Yes, we will also try to inculcate optional subjects. The working of the optional session will be similar to the GS session. If anyone is interested in coordinating any optional subjects it will be of great help. It will help you too as a good team in subjects can improve your mark. Please let us know your interest through

4. What will be the pattern and syllabus for Rapid Action Plan?

The pattern will be similar to Mains 2016. Instead of following a current affair based module we will give you the quality question based on the important issues for mains and a better platform for evaluation as a whole. In GS writing session we will follow the entire syllabus. There will be questions from GS 1 and Gs 2 on every odd day and GS 3 and GS  will be focused on even Days.

For optionals we will provide the Syllabus for each day. Those who are interested in coordinating any optionals can contact us through

5. What about the analysis of issues for Mains 2017?

In this section, we will cover the most important topics and current affairs issue for mains 2017. It can supplement you in answer writing section and mains 2017.

6. Fees? 

Sorry, no fees:) Just participate in initiatives.

Please comment below if you have any requests and do provide your optionals also for adding it to the list of the writing sessions. We will be starting the optional answer writing for Public Administration and Sociology from tomorrow onwards. Other optionals will be added to the session if there are enough participants

P.S If anyone is interested in handling the optional subjects through our platform Please let us know @ 

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