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The third Full mock test now available at our dedicated test server.Those who are already registered can take part in the exam right now and those who are new to our test can now register and take the exam.

This test will be live until Sunday and result will be published on Sunday evening. After that also you can take the tests any number of time but there will not be a detailed rank list for each attempt.

Question paper and your attempt with the detailed key will be available for download and please make use of it and make an analysis for improvement by yourself. We will be providing a detailed comparison with your highs and lows. You can make use of it too.

We tried to bring you best tests as per UPSC Standards, in case you find any mistake please forgive us and ignite us with valuable comments. You can comment on here and ask doubts. In case you find harder to attend the test and need any help please do try our mentoring session. And please do spread the word.

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