intense revision plan
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It’s been three months since we launched Steeplechase to Prelims as a part of civils360’s Prelims 2017 initiatives. We got responses from both sides. We got appreciations like Hey civils360 it’s good that you are providing free tests while criticisms were like questions are not up to the mark and have a lot of mistakes.😷😷 Actually these criticisms helped us more. We understand that we made a lot of mistakes while preparing Steeplechase and even our full mock tests. But your feedbacks and comments, especially from @Saket @Atulesh @S.M @Arsenal @SYA etc, made us grow more. It helped us to think beyond what we know. We are sorry in case we made some bad mistakes in contents.

There were recently a lot of requests came through our online mentoring section that it will be better to give a downloadable question and answer from several aspirants. We as a team decided to make some changes to the existing model of Steeplechase to Prelims. From May 1 onwards Steeplechase to prelims will be in a revision mode. (An Intense one😯).

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What will be the changes?

The first change will be in design. i.e Tests will not be in quiz form after the change, instead, questions will be posted in the site in morning. Aspirants can work out the tests either in our comment section or by yourself. By evening the question paper and detailed answer paper will be uploaded in pdf format from where you can download it for future reference.

And one more thing we will try to make the tests error free (MAA KASAM We will try).

How to make use of this initiatives?

You can work out the questions as soon as we have posted it better if you do it in our comment session. (We will get a little more visits😃).

We will also try to add some tips for new students like how to attempt prelims etc.

What will all be the focused areas for revision?

We will be focusing on both the static and current parts. Every second day will have questions entirely from current affairs. And static part will be covered under a fixed timetable.

Do we need to register for this?

No no no. You don’t have to. It’s free and accessible to all. But you can help us with spreading the words around and sharing with friends. (We need traffic desperately 😟).

It will be our great pleasure to launch restructured revision plan but we are expecting more aspirants.  A good participation will boost our energy. It will help us too. Even if there is zero comments the key will be posted before 8 PM. (OH GOD DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN) JUST KIDDING.

Thank you for your participation. In case you missed our Steeplechase series please go to our archives. And essentials for prelims can be used by aspirants for some miscellaneous topics that will not be covered under a specific book.

Download the timetable for Intense Revision Plan by Civils360

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Team civils360