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After conducting a successful mock test for prelims 2017 last month we are back with the second one.  We got a lot of feedbacks and reviews from the last test and this one is made to be a fool proof and will be standing at par with the UPSC standards and requests of fellow aspirants.

The test will go online from Sunday the 23rd of April. It will be as always free of cost. And aspirants can now register to take the exam at our dedicated test platform. Those who are already registered for the first need not register and they can use their existing username and password to take the test. New test will be updated in their cart as soon as it go online. Those who are not registered yet or taken the first test register now and get your slot ready.

The second test which is one of the five free test will try to evaluate a candidates ability to evaluate, analyse and logically decode the answers. These tests will try to evaluate a candidate as similar to what UPSC do at the preliminary exam. So mere understanding of facts will not suffice the requirements of free mock tests. Please go through concepts and make clarity in concepts.

Please give importance to these exams as it will help in improving the technique of logical deductions. You can read how to answer questions from our previous article. What to do and what not to do in Prelims 2017. More you practise in mock tests more easier will be in exams. You could easily achieve the required level of expertise in logical deductions if you work well on mock tests😉. This will surely help you in prelims 2017. So be ready the second tests is coming.

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