dos and donts in exam hall
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Hello all,
Once again we are reaching to a point where prelims is just 2 months away😧. But this time we are not gonna loose because of our fear or preconceived notions. We are going to tackle the prelims at ease. And one more thing to remember we are not aiming at just clearing the prelims at brim but we will score as much as we can. So that after the prelims we can start answer writing and preparation for mains right away.
First thing to remember, ‘No’ it’s really the first thing that every aspirant must know.
We are fighting to get a good rank not just clearing prelims.
What we should do in this last 60 days?
Hope you all finished or going to finish the topics for prelims. And we should start the revision as soon as possible. Give atleast a 30 days to revise what you have learned. We know you all are serious contenders. We know that’s why you all are here. Now let’s move on to the real question.
If you are having a serious issue of demotivation due to fear of uncompleted syllabus, don’t worry bro it’s nothing but you are a hard worker. You just wanted to score as much as possible, isn’t it? Don’t worry you have prepared enough now start revising is if you have gone through all the topics of prelims.
Then how to revise?
Revision is not going through whole syllabus and topics all over again. Revision is rather a structured recalling of what you learned for past six months or so. For revising you must use your notes or your text books where you have scribbled down all your mysterious codes and secret understandings. That will really help in decoding the entire page or chapter from a single note. Yes you can.
Ok we have now started the revising but what should be focused upon. Start with the subject you like most in preparation. Be it polity be it geography but you should start as soon as possible.
Now coming to time you have allotted. You can finish a full round revision in 10-15 days. Then for the next round you should go for a week then reduce the time period for each revision. Through this we can complete 5/6 full revision.
Do I need to do a mock test?
We will say yes you should. Because it will give an idea of prelims questions and will improve the thought process.
But you should be completing all the previous question papers of prelims atleast till 2013. Because what ever you do UPSC is UPSC. No one can bring their quality. 😀
So do test and previous year questions.
Now we will be dealing with how to perform in exam hall?
First thing you should understand is fear will destroy what we have learned. And UPSC is conducting the exam for selecting aspirants not eliminating the eligible one. So you should be free minded and should remain calm on June 18.
What strategy you should take while giving the exam?
When you get the question paper do rush down and mark answers in a hurry. Because your mind is not ready to bring all you learned. In hurry you may miss the important links and will result in a wrong answer.
Round 1
So first you should start reading the question paper. It will take barely a 20 minutes or so. But go through each and every words and try to put a round over the ‘not’. This will help in reducing wrong markings due to carelessness. And no need to mark any answers in this round. Through this you will get some confidence as you will see easy questions in the paper.😀
Round 2
Here you will start marking. But do remember to go through every questions even though you know that you don’t know the question. Just go through which will in turn help in bringing up the subconscious knowledge. Result:More correct answers and will help in logical elimination. And in round 2 go for sure questions. This will give you a thirty to 40 questions.
Round 3
After completing the round 2 we will begin the logical elimination. In here we may know there is something what is asked in the question or know one part of it but didn’t know the correct answer. The we will begin the logical elimination. For that Check your statements does that contain an only or all? Try to find is there any chance for that statements to be true or false. If you stop and think over these statements you will understand it is easier to eliminate those statements. (Advice: Try to learn the technique from previous question papers.) You can get another 20-25 questions correct in second round through logical elimination. And do remember to read all unattempted questions in each round.
There can be unattempted questions but not unattended questions.
Round 3/4/5… etc
This is a continuation of previous rounds and do follow the steps of round two and continue as much as you can. There is nothing wrong in marking an answer through logical elimination. But better not to try blind guess.
As a tip you should focus on basics this time and don’t blindly believe in current affairs.
All the best guys