civils360 sociology answer writing
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Topic: Social Changes in India:

(vii) Challenges of Social Transformation

Hello all,

it’s been a month since we started our mains answer writing sessions. We have seen a good number of good answers in this initiative through which many numbers of students would have benefitted. (WE BELIEVE 🙂 ).  It was very easy to complete the entire topics of sociology with your support. Thank you all for your support especially @SM, @Priyanka, @ Sherlocked. Thank you all. Now it’s the time to focus on prelims for making a good result. We can run the real steeplechase to prelims from now on. Concentrate for the Prelims now. We are designing a better and streamlined writing session and don’t worry we will return ones the prelims is over. 

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Let the sweat you are dropping be meaningful. Thank you all


  • How serious is the problem of trafficking against women and children in india? (150 words)
  • Analyse the role of communalism in undermining democracy in India. (200 words)