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Again it’s a prelims time, and aspirants will be in a race to finish all the materials they get from umpteen sources. But the real question is ‘What all are the required materials?’. Prelims can be compared with a big tree, with its root made of NCERTs, Wood with Current Affairs and branches widened out to the entire Universe 🙂 Just kidding but for sure it have very wide branches, be it indexes, be it biosphere reserves. For each of this so-called branches, an aspirant must be searching all over the internet which is a time-consuming and less fruitful exercise. 

So the there will be two options for every aspirant either take the risk and leave the topic or find time in between the hectic schedule for getting these things.  Don’t worry be happy we in civils360 is coming up with the very new initiative ESSENTIALS FOR PRELIMS, where you will see each of the wide branches at ease. We already made some articles and will be coming up with more similar and required materials as soon as possible. Do visit us regularly for new articles or subscribe to our website to get the instant alert.  

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We are here, don’t worry. Just make the schedule and study well. We got everything you need. And do try our free test series STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS

Practice makes the man perfect and Better late than never 🙂 

Team civils360

Our Compilations:

  1. UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages From India
  2. Foreign direct investment in India (FDI) for IAS
  3. Taxation in India made simple for UPSC Prelims and Mains
  4. Biosphere Reserves of India for UPSC Prelims
  5. Reports and Indexes Published by Organisations: for UPSC Prelims exam
  6. Geographical Indication (GI) Tags in India: For prelims
  7. World Map: Seas and Bordering Countries
  8. India and It’s Defense Exercises
  9. International Organisations : Regional and Economical Groupings
  10. Environmental Conservation and international initiatives