Upsc notification How to?
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Notification Out : What to do now?

Once again The UPSC had hit the ground with the extravagant event of the year “ The prelims notification 2017″ To download the notification click here. This year the vacancies had been reduced to 980 and it is going to be a bigger showdown than previous years.
Now the same question is on the horizon as like every year. Do I need to apply earliest or should I wait for some time? Is my optional did well this time or do I need to change it. Whatever be the question the truth is we are getting closer to another prelims. Bravo yourself before the impact. It is not the application time but your preparation time determines your result. But as an aspirant we must be ready with all worries resolved before exams as it will help in exam.

The first question: When to apply?

The answer will be different to the place you opt as center. That is it will better to apply fast in places like Delhi as first allotment of seats will be closer to the city center, which in turn will help in reducing travel time during exam and you may be familiar with the places. In case of smaller cities there will be less number of students to write exam so that little delay may not affect much. 
But remember one thing don’t wait so much as it may cause a serious issue of allotment to a different city like Chennai, Delhi etc. 
So the thing is you can wait but don’t sleep on it 🙂

The second question: What about optionals?

The rumour that was in the air like ” Optional Ka era katham ho gaya” but it isn’t. Now you must opt an optional for your mains examination. And we will say that remain in the optional you have chosen. Sudden change to another optional may not be good and it will bring more stress to you. So something you studied is better than someone else’s optional.
We got more than 100 days now take your time and complete the application process and brace for the real war and in mean time we are providing little battles that can make you stand in real war through steeplechase to prelims initiative.
You are not aiming at 980th rank you are aiming at the top position and you got the position you want in notification just work hard to reach there.
P.S Remember one thing ‘More you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in the war.’