Simon Commission
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  • Simon Commission 1927


    • On recommendations of GOI Act 1919
    • 7 membered committee with John Simon as Chairman
    • ”Indian Statutory Commission”
    • Clement Atlee was one among the 7 members
    • Recommendations

      • Abolition of Diarchy
      • Representative responsible government in provinces
      • Federation of British India and Princely states
      • Separate electorate to be retained only until tensions persist between Hindus and Muslims
      • 3 RTC held to consider the proposals with representation of British government, British India and the Princely States
      • ‘White paper on constitutional reforms’ were submitted for consideration of ‘joint select committee’ of British Parliament
  • Nehru Report (1928)

      • Lord Birkenhead challenged Indians to frame a constitution acceptable to all
      • All party conference at Delhi 1928, constituted a committee with Motilal Nehru as Chairman by February
      • Report came in 6 months; Aug 1928, Nehru Report
      • INC ratified it by Dec 1928 Calcutta session
      • Recommended responsible government at province