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Economic Survey is the brain child of Country’s best economists and it contains problems of Indian economy and its possible solution. The future course of action of government will also be similar to the analysis made by the Survey itself. It provides with most accepted facts and data too, like the actual growth rate, export value etc. Along with providing help in Mains exam it has immense importance in prelims too. Questions like arrange the following countries in increasing value of export from India can be directly answered with the help of Economic survey.

Though we are providing you with a concise of Economic Survey, we strongly recommend for reading the original itself. In case the 2015-16 Economic Survey following notes will suffice.

  1. Chapter 1 Economic Outlook, Prospects, and Policy Challenges
  2. Chapter 2 The Chakravyuha Challenge of the Indian Economy
  3. Chapter 3 Spreading JAM across India’s economy
  4. Chapter 4 Agriculture: More from Less
  5. Chapter 5 Mother and Child
  6. Chapter 6 Bounties for the Well-Off
  7. Chapter 7 Fiscal Capacity for the 21st Century
  8. Chapter 8 Preferential Trade Agreements
  9. Chapter 9 Reforming The Fertiliser Sector
  10. Chapter 10 Structural Changes in India’s labour markets
  11. Chapter 11 Powering “One India”