Mainsure gs answer writing
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Hello All,

Everyone preparing for Civil Service knew the importance of the answer writing but a few succeed in doing it. The main doubt that may arise when one start a test series is how to manage the schedule and how to manage the time?

A sudden attack on the 3-hour test with 20 questions may not be suitable for you. Instead, you should focus on developing yourself step by step and stone by stone. Don’t try to build an instant empire, it may fall.  When you choose an answer writing program, follow some simple and must do steps.

  1. How it improves your quality of the answers?
  2. What feedback is provided?
  3. How it focuses on time management?
  4. What is the design and how it helps in aligning with the time of writing answers? (Because you need to structure and write the answer in a very short time.)

Looking at all these requirements and worries of an aspirant we are introducing the Mainsure 2019. A five-month course entirely dedicated to improving the quality of the answers while helping you to cover the syllabus.

The pattern of the Mainsure 2019:

  1. The magnitude and time requirement of the test increases gradually. ie, First four tests will be of 1 Hour tests with 5 questions. Here you will get the time to think and answer. Later by the end, it will become three-hour tests with 20 questions.
  2. There will be 20 tests directly focussing on the entire syllabus of the tests.
  3. Each and every student will have a direct phone-in-feedback from our mentors. And it will not be just a overall feedback instead, each and every answer will be discussed with the student to get a better result and improvement.

Mainsure gs answer writing

The cost for the entire test will be 4999/-


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