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Hello All,

We have launched an answer writing session for the public administration optional in June 2018. We just completed the first fifteen days of it.

Now, for a better-aligned version of writing, we are introducing a scheduled program. This is a high-intensity program and we require to work as much as possible and balance general studies with your optional.

Public Administration Free Answer Writing Program Details:

  1. Programm will cover the entire syllabus in one month. (Yeah really, but you need to work at your full speed)
  2. Every day you will have 3-5 questions from the schedule uploaded below:
  3. In July we will focus on writing the previous year questions to make you familiar with the UPSC standards
  4. After completing the syllabus we will be focussing on new and more relevant questions.

Download the Schedule

Benefits you will (may :)) get:

  1. Familiarity with UPSC Questions
  2. Feedback on daily basis. Identify the mistakes and improve each day.
  3. Completion of syllabus within a short period and a chance for a revision
  4. Strategy development and mentorship by subject experts.

Other Details:

  1. The evaluation will only for first few answers. So be quick.
  2. This is a completely free initiative.
  3. Those who want personal mentorship for Public Administration should contact through Mail ID;
  4. Those who are interested in the 30-day challenge should fill the following form: