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Hello All,

It’s been two days since we started our Mainsure┬áProgramme. And we are getting a very good response. Thank you for your continued care and interest. This post is meant to clarify some of the doubts we are getting every day. Sorry for this delay.

Q1. Where can I join the Mainsure Program?

You don’t need to join anywhere to get access to GS Program. To get emails when we add new questions just give your email in the below form.

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Q2. What is the cost of the GS Writing Program?

This is not a paid writing session. It’s free.

Q3. If its free, how can we ensure its quality?

This was a very weird question we got. The answer is to try it out:) If the quality standards didn’t meet your requirements drop it. You won’t lose anything. ­čÖé Please┬ádon’t ask these questions.

Q4. Is there any schedule?

Very valid question and indeed there is. We are adding a schedule for June 2018 below the post. Please do check it.

Q5. Do you have a personal mentorship program?

Yes, we do have.  But the intake is limited to 15 earlier and there were no seats to be filled. But due to your request, the seats are now increased to 30. That means another 15 will be added to the personal guidance and mentorship program. The program will be directly focussing on writing on a daily basis and helping with scheduling of study plan and personal guidance. Interested candidates can reach us at

Schedule for GS Answer Writing:

Mainsure 2018 GS Answer Writing Schedule for June 2018 – Sheet1

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