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Intense Revision Plan for Prelims 2018 -IRP 2018

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Hello Friends,

We are back with the much awaited Intense Revision Plan (IRP) 2018. Hope your preparation is going in full swing and we are here to add some extra thrush to your preparation.

For the past one month, we have done some core research among the aspirants and find out how the availability of vast and varied materials and the information is increasing the workload of the aspirant. Yes, when the stack of materials began to rise in your study table apart from the standard books and materials your probability of getting through the prelims will begin to fall. So choose wisely.

Now, Coming back to our research findings.  We found that aspirants have a tendency to study till the exam date itself. Is it needed? From our experience, we will say that revision is much important than studying newer topics. So what is needed in revising for the Prelims 2018?

Read How to Make a Revision Plan for Prelims 2018

Prerequisites for joining the Intense Revision Plan;

  1. A mind which is ready to work and a brain which knows the prelims 2018 is coming.
  2. Basic NCERTs and Standard books in Physical or Digital format. (You should be familiar with these books, don’t try to shift from physical to digital or vice versa. Try to use the format which you are comfortable with.
  3. A small scribbling pad or a notebook, to make a short-term plan and to write down whatever you get from the program.
  4. You should be doing the Prelims Test Series by Civils360. Or at least some other quality test series.
  5. Subscribe to the site and make sure you are not missing any updates which are crucial for your preparation
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We believe that you have satisfied all the prerequisites for the Intense Revision Plan for Prelims 2018. Now we can look into what the Intense Revision Plan for Prelims 2018 is going to offer.

What is packed inside the Intense Revision Plan for Prelims 2018?

  1. Revision plan for the prelims 2018 in a well-thought manner with achievable targets.
  2. It will contain a Brush your Memory Module and Practice to Perfection module
  3. Brush your memory segment will identify the important topics for Prelims 2018 and gives a brief idea about the same
  4. Practice to Perfection module will include a small 10-15 question quiz sections and downloadable answer key and a few 100 question full-length tests.
  5. Brush your memory segment will be updated throughout the period according to the topic in revision Schedule
  6. In Practice to Perfection sections, Questions will be added in the morning and answer Key will be added by 9 PM in the night.

Also, there will be practice tests from the Prelims test will be available in our store. If you want any section you can join it. Economy Modules is now available in our online store. Visit our Online Store

Our online students can take the test scheduled(Prelims Test Series) from the test portal and could ask your doubt in the portal itself. Also, follow this initiative. We will be providing new questions in here

You can give inputs to the programme and we will try to add it to the program.

P.S: You can contact our Mentors through chat option provided. We are happy to help you.

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Intense Revision Plan Prelims 2018 Archives

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