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How to make a revision plan for Prelims UPSC CSE 2018.


We know it’s been a month since we went missing. We know you missed us. No? But we missed you and it’s the right time for us to come back from darkness and shed some light on your preparation.Ok, Let’s stop all that crap and let us make the point. We are back to help you to make a REVISION PLAN FOR PRELIMS 2018.

Ok Then the question is What is a true revision Plan?

We will say it should contain three ingredients.

  1. Velocity
  2. Volume
  3. Variety

Now we have to crack this down into single pieces.

  1. Velocity in Revision Plan for Prelims.

You would have been studying for past 6 months or so. We believe that you were good in it and completed the first/ second reading or about to complete it. But in a revision plan, you will not have that luxury of time. You need to be quick to recollect, what you have learnt already. But we should not be rushing through the topics. Instead, we need to focus and ensure that our revision is in line with the deadline of May 31 (2 days as spare 🙂 )

  1. Volume in Revision plan for Prelims

We don’t need to give a lecture on this topic. You know the drill and you are aware that we have a large volume of information to process. Here we can help you in identifying important sections, topics and issues. But our processors and junk files in the system should be cleaned first. We can work together in this section.

  1. Variety in Revision plan for Prelims.

Variety doesn’t mean that adding a new style to your learning habit. Rather it is about the different topics and subjects we learn in this short period. We have Polity, We have Geography, environment, Current Affairs and Whatnot. So we should be able to develop a revision plan according to the requirements of the Prelims 2018.

Now you have identified the key ingredients and let’s move and act now to develop a good revision plan.

We are also providing a revision plan but it will be better to have your own. Because no one knows better than you. You know your potential and bring it to the stage. For the next 60 days or so we are going to rock the world.

How to build a Revision Plan for Prelims?

  1. Take an A4/Notebook/ Evernote/ Onenote.. Take something where you can scribble your plan. 🙂
  2. List the next 10/15 days. We could work a plan for the next 10 days and will improvise it after the initial results.
  3. Identify a subject in which you have a median interest which means it should be a subject which you don’t love the most or hate the most.
  4. Now have a plan for each day. And try your level best to accomplish it.
  5. Try to complete a subject in 5/6 days and Revise current affair note you have made in between.

Now you have a revision plan for prelims 2018 with you. Now we could go for how to implement this plan. We have seen that students, even our offline students are struggling to keep pace with the plan they have made. But Why? The major reason for this is either you try to push yourself to a limit or you get demotivated in some time.

Now, we need you to look at your surroundings and your peer group. They are studying and you don’t want to be out of the prelims list isn’t? So be ready and make a plan which you can implement and achieve. You can contact us for any support as well. Use the chat option or use this link to contact us.

Plan to achieve your targets in your Revision Plan for Prelims.

  1. Make the plan with you in your mind.
  2. Try to reduce the distracting objects like social media, Mobile Phone etc.
  3. Keep your stationary according to the plan. Don’t race for a long list of materials. Keep it simple and use standard books and materials.
  4. Do some questions and take the tests you have joined. (If not take a look at our Prelims test Series)
  5. We will be posting important topics for prelims on a daily basis in coming days you can follow that for a smart work. (Download our App for a seamless connection)
  6. Contact us for any support through the chat provided on our website.

It’s a war make it big. We can guide you and provide you with the necessary inputs. But result depends on you and your work. We are relaunching our revision Plan in some time. Check out the plan for a better plan development and to keep your probability high in the Prelims 2018

Happily Your’s

Team Civils360