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Integrated Action Plan for Prelims Cum Mains 2018

Hello All,

As you all know it’s been a month since we have released our idea of Mains Mini Tests. First of all, we are overwhelmed with the level of participation in this humble initiative. We are thankful to those who gave a feedback for us and gave a chance to serve you all better.

It is indeed with these experiences, we are now developing a plan to merge the Mains Mini Tests with the ongoing Prelims Test Series. This plan is to align the flagship programmes such as Steeplechase to Prelims, Prelims Test Series 2018 and Mains Mini Test Series into a single module which could ease the preparation of the aspirants.

When we gave you a feedback form for steeplechase we expected a hell lot of ‘Thank you sir’, But we have got a lot of feedbacks suggesting for a correction in the plan itself. Hundreds of people who joined our Prelims Test Series required us to integrate the plan with mains mini-tests while the other students wanted more questions on current affairs in the steeplechase and more frequent Mains Mini Tests. These feedbacks made us redesign and realign the entire plan into structured and more focussed programme.

Let’s look into the programme.

What is this programme all about?

In simple words, This is nothing but a programme to help you to reach your ambitions. We are streamlining the entire programme into a single project with multiple focal sections.

Major Sections under this Integrated Action Plan.

  1. Prelims Test Series 2018 (Paid Version)
  2. Mains Mini Tests 2018 (Paid and Free version)
  3. Steeplechase to Prelims 2018 (Already completed 100 days of it Check out Now)(For all)
  4. Online mentorship through Telegram (Paid Version) and through the website.

All these programmes are aligned into a single strand for making best out the programme.

What is the difference between a Paid Version and a Free Version?

  1. Benefits of Paid Version:

    1. Premium Students will have direct access to the Prelims 360 Test Series modules. Will get direct access to our prelims test platform with student access and infinite retaking of the tests.
    2. Direct access to mentorship through telegram. That means you can contact us for any help regarding the preparation at any time.
    3. Review of your answers through telegram (Privacy is ensured) within 2-4 hrs.
    4. Also, people who need daily study plans will be supported under the Premium plan.
    5. Other free plans in the site like Steeplechase to prelims, Current analysis and all others
  2. Benefits of Free Version:

    1. Don’t worry we are not making the entire plan on a paid basis.
    2. You will get the flagship programmes like steeplechase to prelims, current events etc
    3. Mains mini-test will be accessible to you but you can write your answers in comment section only.
    4. Don’t worry there will be evaluation within 24-48 hrs.
    5. You will NOT get the Prelims Test Series or access to premium tests through

OK, Now What is the cost of this programme?

  • As an introductory offer, this entire package will be available to you for just INR 3500. i.e You pay for the Prelims Test Series, You will get the entire package.
  • This offer will be available until 31st December 2017 and after that, you will have to pay INR 8000.
  • Don’t Worry, Those who have already joined our Prelims Test Series Will have direct access to the entire programme.
  • Quality of our evaluation could be seen in the Archives of Mains Mini Tests.

What are all the additional features of the programme?

  1. The steeplechase from 6th December will focus on major and important current affairs instead of concepts as you all requested for the same.
  2. There will section based Prelims Test Series. i.e You could join either polity module or History module from our test series. This will increase the affordability factor of the test series.
  3. Detailed syllabus with a special focus on current affairs is attached to the post for next two months.
  4. We have increased the number of mentors into the mentoring sessions due to rising demand. We will provide strategies for your preparations from now onwards. (i.e, If you have joined our paid membership you will get syllabus to cover, Strategies to focus etc on a daily basis on your  telegram id.)

The core of this programme is to increase your answer writing skills along with your prelims preparation. We will guide you, evaluate you and mentor you throughout the journey. We will walk beside you and guide you through this exam preparation.


Download the syllabus and action plan for month of  January