Integrated Action Plan
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Another Mains have just completed and new aspirants would be eager to attend the Prelims of 2018. But what will be the single most essential tool required to crack this exam? Is there any? A just and truthful answer will be NO!!. But there are some essential qualities that would be possessed by every aspirant for his exams. It includes Practice for Prelims questions, Mains Answer writing Skills and essential knowledge of current National and International  Developments.

Through this Integrated Action Plan which is a FREEMIUM plan of, we are aiming to develop these qualities for aspirants

A right guidance for preparation, therefore, eases the effort of aspirants and help them achieve their goals. Team Civils 360 introduces the integrated action plan to help aspirants through Steeplechase to Prelims ( daily micro tests), daily and weekly current affairs analysis, weekly mains tests with a thorough evaluation by subject experts with detailed answer key and Online Mentoring for Aspirants.

Steeplechase to Prelims

Steeplechase to prelims is a daily free prelims test exclusively to build aspirants’ aptitude and MCQ solving skills. We aim to comprehensively develop problem-solving skills, give right direction to aspirants in case of elimination of choices and make sure aspirants get updated with core concepts of various subjects.

We got a wonderful response last year and this year’s steeplechase has already been running successfully

Current Event Analysis

Current affairs analysis is provided on a daily and weekly basis. Daily current affair analysis will be a codified form of the editorials and the weekly analysis will include an overall analysis of the prominent topics including various sources like The Hindu, PIB, Loksabha and Rajya Sabha Debates. We through this initiative, aim to optimise aspirants’ time spend on newspaper through comprehensive evaluation and analysis methodology. It will indeed help in having a comprehensive understanding of the whole of issues.

Answer Writing Practices With Evaluation

Weekly mains test will be comprised of 5-10  questions covering entire syllabus. It will be uploaded on every Wednesday and Saturday in standardised test UPSC format and it will be Free of cost. And it will have a detailed evaluation by the experts in our team. We will provide guidance to every student answering the questions and help them perform better in answer writing. (Detailed Key will also be there.)

Online Mentoring For Aspirants.

Right guidance is an essential component for effective strategy development and you could forget the costly coaching classes through our mentoring sessions. It will be based on two different approaches 1. General Mentoring on a 24X7 basis and special doubt clearing and strategy development session on every day 9 PM to 10 PM. This session will be handled by experienced aspirants.  Don’t worry its free of cost

We are also launching a low-cost Prelims Test Series from Mid of November. We are gratified by your great response to the Pre Booking session of our tests. Those who have Pre-booked will get the Promo Code for the discount in your mail soon. Join Us for more.

Feedbacks a welcome. You make us more shining through our Journey

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