STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS, Prelims test Series free
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Steeplechase to Prelims for Prelims 2018

Hello Friends,

We are humbled to bring back the much-awaited Steeplechase to prelims for 2018 prelims from today onwards. This is a free prelims mock test series with 5-10 questions per day. If you know how Steeplechase works please do check the last year’s archives.

What is Steeplechase to Prelims?

It is a daily prelims tests with 5-10 questions. It will continue till the Prelims 2018 and it is totally free of cost. A detailed syllabus will be uploaded for each day. It will be a quiz platform and you can take the tests anytime and enrol yourself in the leaderboard.

What are all the changes made in structure?

Steeplechase has been redesigned to obtain best out of it. That is, the syllabus will start from very basic NCERTs and reach to the every aspect of prelims syllabus. For eg: first tests will be based on class 6 and 7 NCERTs along with current events and later more books will be added.

Once again we are humbled with your request to restart the initiativešŸ˜ƒ. And daily questions will be posted by 9 PM every day and will be available till the prelims of 2018. Please do try it and start preparing to become the IAS.

Find Last year’s Archives

Syllabus for first Week


Test 1 Geography 6th std

Current affairs 17/07/2017

Test 2 Politics 6th std

Current affairs 18/07/2017

Test 3 History 6th std

Current affairs 19/07/2017

Test 4 Geography 7th std

Current affairs 20/07/2017

Test 5 Politics 7th std

Current affairs 21/07/2017

Test 6 History 7th std

Current affairs 22/07/2017

Test 7 Economics

Current affairs 23/07/2017


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