answer writing
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  1. Why do forest fires occur frequently in certain regions of India? Examine the ecological significance of forest fires and identify the measures to tackle the phenomenon. 
  2. Raju failed to pass SSLC exam. His parents wanted him to pass this exam at any cost. Raju did work hard. He went for tuitions early in the morning a whole year and took lessons from good coaching institutions. Raju‟s mother who works as a teacher also made him study till late night every day. When his result came, Raju‟s parents were disappointed and shocked. Neighbours and relatives children all had passed the exam with distinction. In a fit of rage, Raju‟s mother scolded him for ruining the family name. Raju, a good and sensitive boy, wrote a suicide note and tried to kill himself by jumping into a lake in the city. Fortunately, someone saw him jumping and rescued him. 

    1.  If you were in Raju’s position, what would you have done after the result and what would you have expected from your parents? Explain. (150 Words)
    2. In your opinion, what should be the priority for any parent when it comes to their children’s future? What values should they inculcate in their children? Examine. (150 Words)