anthropology mains answer writing
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1.6 Phylogenetic status, characteristics and geographical distribution of the following:
(a) Plio-pleistocene hominids in South and East Africa – Australopithecines.
(b) Homo erectus: Africa (Paranthropus), Europe (Homo erectus Heidelberg-genesis), Asia (Homo erectus javanicus, Homo erectus pekinensis).
(c) Neanderthal Man- La-Chapelle-auxsaints (Classical type), Mt. Carmel (Progressive type).
(d) Rhodesian man. (e) Homo sapiens – Cromagnon, Grimaldi and Chancelede.


Q1. Write a short note on Asian Homo Erectus. -10 marks

Q2. Comment briefly on the phylogenetic position of Australopithecines. -10 marks

Q3. Write a short note on Neanderthal Man. -15 marks

Q4. Distinguish between major categories of Australopithecines, How are Australopithecines different from apes? -30 marks