Restructuring of Steeplechase to Prelims for Intense Revision in 45 days

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  • Abhi

    Thanks Sir, this is a good improvement i.e., posting the questions and then uploading pdf with solutions.

    • Civils360

      Thank you abhi for your wishes. If you have any feedbacks or suggestions. Please help us through comment section or contact us section

  • Atulesh Jha

    Thanks Sir… Really appreciate your work…Keep it up…

    P.S. SIR, you’ve again made a mistake .. It is Atulesh…Could you correct it?? Unless of course you were referring to someone else…

    • Civils360

      Of course we were referring you only. And it’s corrected. Sorry for the mistake.

  • Lord Vorminious

    I really preferred the Quiz format and it is a good way to judge relative performance without wasting time. Nevertheless, I greatly appreciate the free initiative you have kept up for so long.

    • Civils360

      Hello vorminious,
      We thought it will be better to give a pdf file for revising as we are real close to prelims. Also we can eliminate errors getting into questions. We get complaints that we are making errors. So we redesigned the programme.
      With regards
      Team civils360

  • SYA

    Thanks ,Looking for it.

    Just a request , Could you please post consolidated 25 questions related to each :

    map related questions
    Governer General and congress presidents
    New schemes of government like uday ,ujala
    Fundamental rights and dpsp
    Forests and climates
    International organisations like REDD+

    These questions have become quite common in last 5 years
    , kindly ignore if already posted ,I am at test 30 right now .

    • Civils360

      We have posted questions on some these listed topics. Other topics will be covered under revision plan for sure. Thank you SYA for your kind suggestions.
      With regards
      Team civils360

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  • Rohit

    nice initiative civil 360. GOD bless u

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  • Harinder Sidhu

    Big Applause 🙂

  • Mission 2017

    Dis format is good sir…a comprehensive coverage of both static n current…worth investing d tym in solving dese qns…thnx a lot sir

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