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It’s been more than 40 days since we started our much-appreciated STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS. we are not ending our journey just in this. We are planning to bring a well designed mock testĀ initiative for fellow aspirants FREE OF COST (AGAIN.. šŸ™‚ ) the plan contains five free full mock stretched over a period of two months and will cover all the topic from the syllabus and all relevant current affairs.

We need your support to make this free initiative a success. We are planning to develop a dedicated test platform for conducting the exam. So the participation must be high so that we can get the satisfaction. We are not a well-developed coaching institute but we have real hands on experience on the UPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview. If you are not satisfied enough with our claims you can check our questions in Steeplechase to Prelims.

If you are ready to test your prelims readiness please subscribe to our siteĀ 

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There will be all India Ranking for all tests and thus if the participation is more, healthier will be the comparison. So if you are ready we are here subscribe and comment and do share this with your peers

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