STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS, Prelims test Series free
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Counting from today, on 145th-day PRELIMS 2017 is going to happen. Are you ready for the exam? Did you attend the questions from previous UPSC exams? The steeplechase initiative is meant to help the aspirant with mocks and much-needed insight into the possible topics. If you are ready to work we are ready to help. We have nothing to claim but experience in this field. We may or may not have something to claim at the end of the journey. AND HERE WE START OUR STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS.

Why this Initiative?

Take Daily Tests From Here >> Click Here

Prelims being the first step towards the journey towards”The IAS” is as important as the personality test. Nothing but knowledge and practice will help you in tackling it. You may feel good on your studies but only the practice can make you the master in the race. Prelims like a steeplechase have ups, lows, deep pits and high blockades. You can’t just focus on one item in a steeplechase because you have to do better in every field of the race. Similarly, Civil service prelims have different varieties of fields ranging from Indian polity to Geography and Economics. You should have to have a good knowledge in these varied fields and should practice it for reaching the end goal. 

We here can help you in practising and for sure we will through the daily practice questions. IT’S FREE OF COST*

P.S: * No conditions apply 🙂 Just try to attempt.

What is Steeplechase to Prelims initiative and how it works?

Take Daily Tests From Here >> Click Here

It is all about daily prelims practice tests, every day we will be posting 10-15 questions under the initiative for aspirants.  Aspirants can attempt the questions at their convenience. Topics will be provided earlier. Topics for this week are as follows

Date Topic
24/01/17 Tuesday Polity + Current Affairs
25/01/17 Wednesday Polity + Current Affairs
26/01/17 Thursday Polity + Current Affairs
27/01/17 Friday Polity + Current Affairs
28/01/17 Saturday Polity + Current Affairs

This week we will try to cover possible questions under Polity and current affairs of past one year. Further, the timetable will be given at the beginning of each week. Aspirants need not sign up or enter their credentials for attempting the exams and leaderboard entry is not mandatory.  

How to make best out of this initiative?

Prelims is not just about knowledge, it is a combination of knowledge and logical deductions. You can reach to answer with logical deductions. Try to use this stage for trying out newer and varied logical deduction techniques. It will enable you to make a unique way of reaching to answer. Remember, You can afford to score low marks today but not on the actual UPSC Prelims. Use STEEPLECHASE TO PRELIMS  stage for working out. 🙂

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Take Daily Tests From Here >> Click Here