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Daily Current Events

TN CM fails to convince protesters; 2 die in Jallikattu

  • A day after Tamil Nadu promulgated an ordinance to conduct Jallikattu, a bull-tamer and a spectator were gored to death by bulls and 129 spectators injured at an event
  • In a bid to quell the agitation, the Government on Sunday announced that all colleges and schools will resume functioning from Monday even as negotiations continued with the protesters through some interlocutors, till late in the evening.
  • ISSUES RELATED TO JALIIKATTU—–  1. Violation of prevention of cruelty to animals act.   2.Violation of Fundamental duty     3. Are civil society movements changing into pragmatic populism/ pressure groups?

Hirakhand Express derails

  • Hirakhand Express, bound for Bhubaneswar from Jagdalpur, derailed near the Kuneru railway station in Vizianagaram
  • NDRF teams were rushed to the accident site to assist the RPF, CRPF and Odisha Rapid Disaster Action Force teams in rescue and relief operations.
  • The derailment was caused by a suspected rail fracture at a few places near the railway cabin ahead of the Kuneru station.
  • ISSUES RELATED – 1.Railway safety – Sam Pitroda recommendations  2. need of a rail safety authority  3. Technology monitoring of tracks   4. Effectivity of commission of rail safety

Ugandans invent ‘smart jacket’ to diagnose pneumonia quickly

  • A team of Ugandan engineers has invented a “smart jacket” that diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor, offering hope against a disease which kills more children worldwide than any other.
  • A lack of access to laboratory testing and infrastructure in poor communities means health workers often have to rely on simple clinical examinations to make their diagnoses.
  • According to UNICEF, most of the 900,000 annual deaths of children under five due to pneumonia occur in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. This is more than other causes of childhood death such as diarrhoea, malaria, meningitis or HIV infections.
  • ISSUES RELATED —- 1. Easier diagnosis  2. Will be helpful in countries with low doctor population ratio.

Army recruitment to get less taxing

  • In the present system, participants go through physical and medical evaluation followed by a written examination. The Army is trying to reverse the procedure, in which the written examination would be conducted online at various locations nationwide and a smaller number would then be called for the physical and medical evaluation.
  • Roughly 25-30 lakh people take part in the over 100 rallies each year, and only 6% clear the medical evaluation and sit for the examination and eventually 2.5% get recruited. On an average, 60,000 jawans are recruited every year.
  • Topics Involved: Internal Security, Need of Capacity building in Army

GPS to be mandatory for all commercial vehicles by year-end

  • Installation of the global positioning system (GPS) will be made mandatory for all commercial transport vehicles in Delhi by this year-end to bring in transparency.
  • All commercial vehicles, including autorickshaws, cars, trucks and buses, have to install GPS in line with the Centre and the Supreme Court’s direction, official sources in the Transport Department told The Hindu
  • Adoption of devices would help the Transport Department to keep a tab on mineral-laden trucks and crack down on illegal transportation of minerals. Such devices help track trucks from the time of loading to unloading and also crack down on stolen vehicles.
  • Topics Involved: Commercial Transport of the country. GS 3 Infrastructure
  • Why is Freight mainly concentrated in highways in India while rail is the norm of the global trade? Comment.

Curbs on outsourcing may hit U.S. economy: Nasscom

  • India’s IT industry has warned about the adverse impact that curbs on outsourcing will have on the U.S. economy, which lacks high-skilled workers.
  • The critical thing for this industry is high-skilled workers and the fact of the matter is that those high-skilled workers are not available in the U.S… If the agenda of creation of jobs needs to be pursued, we feel that current windows will need to be kept open to get the requisite skilled workers
  • There is huge inter-dependency between the U.S. and the Indian economy. The economic logic for U.S. companies to work with Indian IT companies is compelling and the bonds are strong. There may be some marginal rebalancing but I expect business to go on and actually grow in the medium-term,
  • The Nasscom president said even in colleges and universities in the U.S., more than 50% of the students are foreigners in STEM courses. “So, even if you want to hire people from American universities, you can only hire them on visa because they are foreigners as well.
  • The change of Leadership in the US is showing a skewed future for I.T sector in India. Do you agree? Critically Comment. 

Give renewable energy zero-rate status under GST: Ministry

  • The Ministry of Power has recommended that renewable energy is given a zero-rate tax status under the Goods and Services Tax, predicting several adverse effects to the economy if there was any increase in power tariffs due to the new tax regime.
  • Having all hydro projects as renewable will be good for the entire renewable sector because, with large renewable capacity being put in place, you need grid stability and large hydro is very good for grid stability.
  • Topic Involved: Infrastructure and Energy Under GS 3