Pitts india Act 1784
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  • Act of settlement 1781

    Prior to the Pitts India Act 1784 , an act of settlement was passed to rectify the defects of previous Regulating act.

    • Also called amending act of 1781
    • To rectify defects of regulating act 1773
    • Curtailed SC’s right to action in revenue collection
  • Pitt’s India Act 1784

    • Named after British premier William Pitt
    • Also meant to address the shortcomings of 1773 Act
    • Indian affairs of East India company was brought under the direct control of British Government
    • 6 membered body called Board of Control above court of directors President – Chief official in London responsible for Indian affairs Chancellor of the Exchequer 4 Privy councillors
    • Established system of Dual Government with Board of Control handling political affairs, civil and military operations, and revenue of British possessions in India (Company’s territories in India were called British possessions in India for the first time) and ‘Court of Directors’ handling commercial activities


  • Amending Act 1786


    • Cornwallis was made GG
    • Addressed the problem between Governor-general and executive council – Commander in Chief brought under GG