Daily Archive: December 26, 2016


Imperial Cholas

IMPERIAL CHOLAS After the decline of the Sangam period, the Cholas became feudatories in Uraiyur. They became prominent in the ninth century and established an empire comprising the major portion of South India. Their capital...


Post Mauryan Era

POST MAURYAN ERA Sungas founder of the Sunga dynasty was Pushyamitra Sunga, who was the commander-in-chief under the Mauryas most important challenge to the Sunga rule was to protect north India against the invasions...


The Mauryan Empire

THE MAURYAN EMPIRE For the first time, the political unity was achieved in India history writing has also become clear from this period due to accuracy in chronology and sources Literary Sources Kautilya’s Arthasastra...


Later Vedic Period

Later Vedic Period (1000 – 600 B.C.) Aryans further moved towards east in the Later Vedic Period. Satapatha Brahmana refers to the expansion of Aryans to the eastern Gangetic plains Kuru and Panchala kingdoms...



THE VEDIC CULTURE After the end of Indus valley civiliisation major shift in course of Indian history observed with the development of The Vedic Culture. Around this period, the speakers of Indo-Aryan language, Sanskrit,...

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